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(Via CNW) As we mentioned earlier, Telefilm has announced the names  for the Micro-Budget Production Program. This supports emerging filmmakers, recommended by educational institutions and film cooperatives,  in the making of their first feature films. (“Micro”, BTW, means no more than $250,000.)

2015-2016 Micro-Budget Production Program Finalists

New Official-Language Minority Communities component

  • A, Mitchell Stafiej (director, screenwriter), Daniel Dietzel (producer), Quebec, partner: Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, Concordia University
  • Memory Is Our Homeland, Jonathan Durand (director, screenwriter, producer), Quebec, partner: Institut national de l’image et du son (INIS)
  • MIA, Jeremy Guenette (director, screenwriter, producer), Gabriel Lévesque (screenwriter, producer), Manitoba, partner: On Screen Manitoba

Aboriginal component

  • The Edict, Benjamin Ross Hayden (director, screenwriter, producer), Manitoba, partner: Adam Beach Film Institute
  • River of Silence, Michael Auger (director, screenwriter, producer), Danette Chalifoux (screenwriter, producer), partner: Bosa Centre for Film & Animation, Capilano University, British Columbia

Main component

  • Cardinal, Greyson Moore (director, screenwriter), Aidan Shipley (director), Kristy Neville, Marianna Margaret, Justin Elchakieh (producers), Ontario, partner: Ryerson University
  • Feuilles mortes, Thierry Bouffard, Steve Landry, Édouard Tremblay (directors, screenwriters), Jean-François Dugal, Éric Denis, Charles Gaudreau (producers), Quebec, partner: Spirafilm
  • The Hanging Tree, Marshall Axani (director, screenwriter), Diana Donaldson (producer), British Columbia, partner: Bosa Centre for Film & Animation, Capilano University
  • The Land of Rock and Gold, Janine Windolph, Daniel Redenbach (directors, screenwriters, producers), Saskatchewan, partner: University of Regina
  • Play Your Gender, Stephanie Clattenburg (director, screenwriter), Sahar Yousefi (screenwriter, producer), Nova Scotia, partner: Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative
  • The Space Between, Amy Jo Johnson (director, screenwriter), Jessica Adams (producer), Ontario, partner: Canadian Film Centre
  • The Stand Up Man, Aram Collier (director, screenwriter), Tony Lau (producer), Ontario, partner: York University
  • The Sun at Midnight, Kirsten Carthew (director, screenwriter), Amos Scott (producer), Northwest Territories, partner: Western Arctic Moving Pictures
  • The Train Whistle Does Not Blow, Ashley McKenzie (director, screenwriter), Nelson MacDonald (producer), Nova Scotia, partner: National Screen Institute (NSI)
  • Une fille comme moi, Kristina Wagenbauer (director), Geneviève Simard (screenwriter), Quebec, partner: Institut national de l’image et du son (INIS)

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