VIWFF – Women on the Web

Yeah, you read that right. Women on the web, but not in the sense that YOU’RE probably thinking. No, what I mean by the title is Vancouver International Women In Film Festival is online this year (nowadays what ISN’T?) and so we get treated to a plethora of short films, some features, and some panels. There’s so much to check out.

To start off the event is the film, Passages which is a documentary all about a few women from Quebec who travel on an expedition through Nunavik. We have a middle aged mother who would like to break free from her 40-hour work week, two girls who are already mapping out the details of the trip, an outdoorsy woman named Christine who wants to explore outside her comfort zone, and a college student. Eventually they meet up at an airport and take a plane out to the Koroc where their journey begins. Challenges on the way include crossing a river, being swarmed by bugs, getting exhausted, and discovering more about themselves and become really close to each other.

The woman also talk about their other experiences and struggles through life. It’s a beautiful film that I felt a real connection and had become emotionally attached to. I’ve taken several hikes myself both through nature and around the city (late at night) so I understand the struggles and frustration that go into this kind of journey. It’s a great film worth checking out and I would recommend watching it.

But there’s so much more to check out. Get started today and embrace the online festival, because while it may be different this year, the message of and power of women remain the same and will continue to make the industry thrive! Also, stay tuned for Shaun’s upcoming review. It’s sure to be spectacular.

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