Stoa currently shooting in Vancouver

With all the films being made around Vancouver, there is one that sticks out as most interesting so far. That film is Stoa, which I have a role in myself as a character named Rigel Sky. Among me were other local actors, Michael Dickson (Jadna police chief), Raven Sto (Sylph Apsara), Tymothea Karringten (Repsaj), and Stephen Lytton (Nykapp Coyote Man). While we were preparing for the shoot and going over our lines, the movie’s writer/director/lead actor Nathan Slattery was having a photoshoot done by Benjamin Samson with a hasselblad camera and state-of-the-art Octagon lighbox, Slattery got some rather interesting pictures of himself, such as the one above. The film shoot consisted of setting up a green screen and filming each character as they spoke out their lines. My character in particular spoke softly and got louder then soft again as he held small origami cranes. Other parts of the shoot included a news report, Nathan Slattery’s character Aestes Tape having an MMA match with Dickson’s character the Jadna chief whose head turns to stone (with Gunther Berkus working on special effects), and Aestes Tape in some of his final moments with Nkyapp Coyote Man with the agates stone that takes him to the 13th portal. It was a long late night shoot but it was all worth it in the end. I’m excited to see what the end result will be and even more impressed with what Nathan can make from this content as he has told me some of my shots are really well done for the Jib Bow Productions Pilot Promo.

Check out the film’s official website for more details.

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  1. Will love to see what is created with the green screen in the background…Nathan’s work to me so far is def Performance Art and looking forward to see what his final results are with this!

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