Digital Releases and Streaming – Documentary and Red Snow

This is Not A Movie lives up to its name as it’s a documentary. Directed by Yung Chang and having been premiered at TIFF, it tells the intense story of Robert Fisk, a journalist who goes deep into war zones. Some of the most interesting stories take place there, but aside from getting shot at by people with their guns, Robert also had to deal with getting shot at by people with their snarky snobby comments on how all media is fake. The documentary dwells deep on media, showing true stories that make one think, and it also shows how dangerous a job can be depending on what you cover. The film is currently available through the D.O.C. service on cinema sites. If you want to learn some more about what went into making the film, Darren gets plenty questions answered regarding that.


Red Snow is coming May 15th on Apple TV and is one of Marie Clement’s best movies yet. The film is a Canadian War Drama that tells the story of a soldier named Dylan from Canada who manages to get stuck in Afghanistan while serving in the army. As one can imagine (and maybe even experience) life out there is rough especially when you’re from out of the country. Death could be right around the corner without warning and many other dangers lurk in the land. The film stars some of the best talent Canada has to offer such as Tantoo Cardinal,  Samuel Marty, and Kane Mahon among others. The movie even contains 4 different languages, was shot around the Northwest Territories, and desert lands way out in Kamloops.

Now as for the director, Marie is already pretty well established in the business being well known for her compelling films and the fact that she’s an Indigenous filmmaker, which is something highly favoured by us on Hollywood North Magazine. But don’t take my word for it, Darren goes into a nice long study of Marie and her films here.


If you haven’t seen Red Snow, you have to check it out on Apple TV once it’s released. Or if you’ve seen it in theatres before everything shut down, let us know what you thought of it. Personally, I think it’s a deep and heart-wrenching film. I especially enjoyed watching it last year at VIFF.


There’s plenty of streaming services available in Canada, so feel free to look around the Internet for more options if you’re looking to pass the time with digital releases such as these.

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