Hot Street Productions gives the cold shoulder in payment terms

Everyone in Vancouver who’s been involved in Hot Streets knows for a fact that they didn’t get paid a single cent for their work until recently. Hot Street is supposed to be a film that showcased a love story like Romeo and Juliet, done in hip-hop dance style. As far as those kinds of love stories go, this one sounds like it would suck. Most films that go with the Romeo and Juliet concept pull it off with ease, I mean West Side Story did great. Almost every R+J like film was done well, but it sounds like this one would be the worst thing to come out of any production. I will admit, musicals give me headaches. BG members involved have openly admitted this was the stupidest thing they took part in. It was bad enough they had to get involved in something so heinously disturbing, but even worse is the fact that nobody got paid for over a year.

As of recently, there have been reports that people are getting their pay mailed to them after too long a wait. The cheques were suggested to be a little late, but it seems more like producer Chris Brough did not know how to manage finance. The Producer’s job is to get money for the production so the production can afford to get the movie done. Thanks to a financial mess, Brough now has no home because Employment Standards BC made a claim. Come on, dude. It’s been over a year and you couldn’t properly finance ANYONE on the set? Good God, I’ve heard of actors, directors, and other people’s careers and reputations getting ruined over stupid poorly made films, but I’ve never heard of something like this. It’s sad to think this is what’s coming out of modern production companies. Aside from that, the film’s script kept getting reworked. Now, all good writers know the first rule of writing is, Write, then Rewrite. But when you rewrite something so many times, then that’s probably a hint you should give up the writing or hire a co-author to iron out some kinks.

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