HIFF says “Hi” as it hits the Net

Festivals and just about everything are online. If you’re getting tired of browsing Youtube, Netflix, and streaming programs because you’re actually running out of stuff to watch, come check out the Halifax International Film Festival (HIFF) as it starts tonight. For 14 years now, HIFF has been showcasing Atlantic filmmakers and international filmmakers screening some of their finest work in film form and showing no sign of stopping, even in this pandemic (but being safe in the process by streaming it all). Running from the 12th to the 15th, HIFF has a lively mix of feature films, Atlantic Auteurs, and Canadian Short films. But there’s lots more than just screeners. Attendees will also get treated to a 10th Anniversary Retrospective of another common Halifax event, The Emerging Lens Cultural Film Festival. The screenings will also have Q&A sessions with the film’s directors, for those of us who are wondering more about the festival. This year is surely promising thanks to the help of many sponsors, partners, and compelling films. Be sure to go take a look at it if you can and you’ll be impressed at what you see.

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