Gamer Girls Go to School and Braden Paes picks up the film pace

To all you women who enjoy gaming and video games, have you ever wanted to create your own? In my opinion, I think it would be interesting if there were more games designed by women. What would they be about? Whatever they come up with. Recently, Vancouver Film School has teamed up with three different game studios all in the heart of Vancouver. These studios are The Coalition, Blackbird Interactive, and A Thinking Ape and together they all joined forces to bring the Women in Game Design Scholarship.

There will be three types of scholarships, A full scholarship for three lucky winners, a $10,000 partial tuition for another three, and a $5000 partial tuition for five people. Those who get full scholarship will also get some private mentorships from some of the top professionals in the the game design industry and then get a paid six-month work contract at whatever studio they choose upon graduating. There’s plenty of opportunities to come out of this game design program at a film school of all things, but it shows good promise for both women and games alike.  

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But that’s not all that’s going on, Braden Paes (who we have covered before) is coming up with some new projects of his own, based off his own personal life experiences. With the first being a comedy series based on him living in a Caucasian neighbourhood and trying to adjust to life out there. It will be going to camera in Alberta later for this year and be released in 2023. His other project will be a full length feature that talks about a story of immigration, much like how his family immigrated from Kenya to Canada, and it is sure to be emotional. It will be released in 2024. 

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