Flixi: New upcoming app that makes TV easier

There’s a lot of confusing sites on the Internet when it comes to tracking TV shows and their networks. And then there are times when the networks you watch give you recommendations that don’t meet your interests. But Flixi takes care of these problems and makes watching TV a lot more simplistic and organized. If you watch tv shows on a lot of networks, it’s hard to keep track of everything, so Flixi helps fix that issue by keeping everything neatly organized. Aside from organizing you shows and giving you proper suggestions, Flixi also allows you to save things to watch later. What I mean by ‘watch later’ is not just tv shows, but also trailers and commercials for shows and movies that you might find interesting. You can also share your personal interests and any interesting looking shows to your family and friends in the most easiest ways possible. Flixi also keeps you posted on your shows giving the exact air dates, when their seasons end, and even when they start. Aside from that, Flixi also keeps you posted when your favourite actors are starring in a new movie and when that movie will be released, not only in theatres, but also on DVD, hoping those are still around at least.

Developed in Montreal, Flixi has it all, and makes it compatible for you and those who matter the most in your life. Network organization and sorting has never been easier. But hey, if you want to know more about Flixi, check them out on their official website, https://flixi.com/ for more details. This app will revolutionize the way people watch TV, and provide better efficiency for those who have way too much on their mind.

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