First Few of the Final Season – Workin’ Moms

It feels like just yesterday when we published an exclusive interview with the creative masterminds behind Workin’ Moms when it had just started. Now it’s coming to an end as of this upcoming year. It’s been a ride for everyone, the cast, the crew, the viewers, and those of us who spoke to people on the show. Yeah, I didn’t want this to end. Even though I have no kids of my own, and have no understanding of balancing parenting and working, I could still find myself relating to a few of these characters with these issues. Not to mention the main character of Kate played by Catherine Reitman. Admittedly, I once knew someone who had Kate’s determination, and maybe a few other character traits. If only that person would’ve considered watching live-action instead of cartoons for once, they’d probably relate to these women more than I could.

There’s so much going on, I can’t talk about it TOO much on here, but this is what to expect. At least some of it.

The first ep of the final season starts with Kate (Catherine Reitman) calling her friend Anne (Dani Kind) who has gone out for a jog, and then Anne gets hit by a car, almost as if the driver intended to do it. Kate on the other hand has bigger issues with her advertising company, specifically working with her new client, Ram (Raymond Ablack) from a pharmaceutical company that has developed a male birth control pill. Sloane (Enuka Okuma) continues to do her work in a publishing company without bothering to go on maternity leave, but the male colleagues don’t seem too comfortable discussing business with a tike attached to her. 

During the 2nd episode, Kate and her colleagues try to come up with an advertising campaign for their client only for them to come across total struggles because just HOW do you market something like that? Sloane reasons with her male co-workers even though the men feel her baby is causing extra stress for everyone around the office. There’s so much more to expect too, like Kate and Nathan’s son going through teenage issues with love (gay love), and a possible commercial for the male birth control. What could go wrong? How can things go right? You’ll have to tune into this final season every Tuesday to find out!

Catch up on Workin Mom’s on CBC Gem or Netflix! And don’t forget to watch for new episodes every Tuesday at 9PM (9:30 NT) starting tomorrow on CBC TV and CBC Gem

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