Breakup Movie Breaks more than the Heart

Have you ever heard of Reangsei Phos? I hope so, because he’s an award-winning director from our frenemies over in Toronto. I practically covered one of his last films. Recently, Reangsei has been featured on Vice, Hypebeast and even Toronto Star for his one of his other movies, Talisman. Now it’s our turn to tell you about his new and upcoming film, All Bark Never Bite, which serves as a followup. For those who are confused about Talisman, Reangsei explained it was based off his superstitious mother. According to IMDB, it’s about a Chinese family, and the Yi, the youngest believes a ghost is living in their house with them causing anxiety for the parents. This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard about a movie involving a ghost, but it does sound like an idea. Now let’s get to this other film. All Bark Never Bite focuses on the subject of why filmmakers never make breakup films. I was once super close to making something kind of like that, but didn’t. But it’s an interesting subject because a lot of musicians make breakup songs or breakup albums. I don’t listen to Taylor Swift but by the judging of all the online satire she probably has a museum’s worth of breakup albums. This film shows what the ending of a relationship is like, followed by the aftermath. Inspiration includes content by David Lynch and Haruki Murakami. Plenty of bizarre content as it takes place in a restaurant where everything goes out of control. 

Reangsei Phos was in a relationship himself but his partner never saw the final result, and he admits the characters of the film were based off himself and his partner. It’s sure to be an interesting watch and you’ll be sure to see it in a couple days right on Valentine’s Day even. Subscribe to NextShark so you can see it right away within two days.

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