Man and Fish (Mini-Review)

If they say dog is man’s best friend, is fish a casual acquaintance? One should wonder. In this super short film by Reangsei Phos, a man (Michael Sui) sits alone with a fish tank that has a very motionless fish. At first he hangs out at a park then takes his fishy to the beach where he changes into a suit to get a picture of himself with this fish in its tank. The rest of the day he continues to hang out carrying the tank, much to the confusion of other people. And I thought I was a strange person. After a while, the man heads back to the beach where he finds a couple laughing and admiring a seashell. This gives him flashbacks of his ex-girlfriend and how much fun they had together. Now you’re probably wondering, what did happen to her? It’s hard to explain, but the resolution is the most magical thing I’ve ever seen.

It’s amazing where one gets such ideas from, but this one was inspired by a rather interesting TikTok trend about loving someone if they were a worm instead. Interesting concept, and the way this short was filmed looks pretty professional even if it was done on such little budget. Despite there being no dialogue, you can feel emotion in the actors expressions and understand how they feel. The natural lighting and use of one simple but big location worked wonders for the concept, and the whole story is pretty beautiful even for its simplicity. Once it releases later this month, it’s sure to generate all kinds of feelings from all kinds of people.


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