Black History Month News – A Festival and A Filmmaker in action

We all know Black History Month is a VERY important month, especially to those of us in the film industry. What better way to teach everyone about black history with movies, some of the greatest things to ever be made, thus providing amazing messages AND giving those of us in the film industry a purpose. AND a film industry! Now to Black History, here’s a couple prime examples of what’s happening right now that talks about this culture.

Festival Massimadi – Montreal’s insight into Afro LGBTQ+

Festivals are a great way for a community to celebrate their culture AND educate people who would like to learn more. Festival Massimadi is premiering all kinds of cool films like Kapana, which is a Nambian film that has a love story between two men, Keyboard Fantasies: The Beverly Glenn-Copeland Story is a powerful documentary about a Lesbian named Glenn who self-produced an album and then later transitioned. By the time he’s 74, Glenn does something really cool. There’s also Your Mother’s Comfort which shows how dangerous it is to be in the LGBTQ community over in Brazil. The Festival’s currently happening online for free. Check out some films now.

Carmen Myers – From Canada to Uganda

Everyone has heard of what’s happened in China, Istanbul, Africa, and so many third-world countries, then either turned a blind eye or just reacted with one of those silly emoji’s then moved on to the next story on their social media feed. So many people need to be aware of what’s going on in the world in other places. I mean, yes, the COVID-19 is happening in a lot of places right now, but that doesn’t mean we know everything that’s happening. Take Uganda for example, where democracy thrives and the same leader has been in office longer than any other political leader…. that I know of.

So what better way to tell that story than through a documentary? Nurse and actress Carmen Myers has recently gotten invited out to Uganda where she will be documenting the story of a young singer who went to run against Mr. Longtime himself and got brutally beaten and imprisoned. Once he returned for Election Day, voting managed to get rigged. What goes on in that country may not stay in that country though as Carmen plans to bring light to these issues we never quite knew about yet. You can find more details here.

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