Top 5 Movie Stars with Big Wins and Losses from Sol Casino Canada

Celebrities are people just like us, which not only means they eat pizza in front of the TV but also that there are gamblers among them. Sol Casino identified 5 highly famous movie stars that most fans have not yet pictured gambling. Some of them might have already stepped into one of the best casinos in Canada. Now, read everything about the biggest wins – and losses too – they managed to get.

Top 5 Stars from Movies with the Biggest Wins


1.       Ben Affleck

Trying to pass unnoticed does not always work for Ben Affleck, who was already caught wearing masks to enter casinos. Trying not to lose his focus due to paparazzi, the actor loves gambling and card games. Among his biggest wins, an $800,000 prize on blackjack and another $356,000 in poker in 2004. Together with those winning stories, he already told that he was banned from blackjack tables once due to counting cards.

2.       Tobey Maguire

The eternal Spider-Man cannot go neglected in casinos, and Texas Hold’em and Omaha are among his favorite picks. His biggest wins include an impressive prize of $300,000 in a casino tournament.

3.       50 Cent

Musician, actor, and businessman, 50 Cent has also collected a huge prize on an online casino, similar to Sol Casino. He gambled and won around $500,000. That was not the first nor the last time that he won money gambling – not that he needs it.

4.       Bruce Willis

It seems that poker and blackjack are the favorite picks of movie stars, but Bruce Willis already snagged around $500,000 by playing baccarat. Fans already spotted him winning over $25,000 in craps, too.

5.       Jennifer Tilly

Perhaps not as famous as the top 4 movie stars with big wins on this list, Jennifer got an incredible single win of over $158,000. In total, she has supposedly collected over $750,000 in winnings by playing poker.


Top 4 Movie Stars with the Biggest Losses in Casinos


1.       Ben Affleck

Yes! Believe it or not, Ben Affleck is also featured in the biggest losses by movie stars in casinos. Also in 2001, he lost a total of $400,000 by not playing poker that well. Considering that he is an avid casino gambler, he probably collects several losses of a few thousand dollars every time.

2.       Charlie Sheen

Rumor says that Charlie Sheen has already lost $1 million at once, but that it is normal for him to gamble over $200,000 per week. According to the tabloids, he keeps that routine as a hobby of his own.

3.       Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson has already lost $250,000 in one night of poker, which continues to be a favorite on this list. As it could not be otherwise, that huge sum was lost in Vegas. Perhaps she would have more luck if she were playing on an online casino.

4.       Michael Jordan

The famous basketball player and actor has an immense fortune and an ever-lasting sponsorship from Nike. Although he probably has stories of success, it seems that the most popular tales involve big losses. Allegedly, he gambles over $100,000 or $200,000 at once, whenever he feels like doing it. Talking about personal declarations, he said that his gambling expenditure equals over $1.25 million per year.


What Other Movie Stars Are Popular Gamblers?


Paris Hilton and Matt Damon – a loyal gambling friend of Ben Affleck – are other lucky stars that constantly collect good prizes when gambling. They are not alone. Producers, writers, and virtually anyone else who are considerably wealthy in Hollywood have their share of casino now and then.

Of course, $100,000 buy-ins are nothing for those with hundreds of millions in their bank account. Comparatively, gamblers should always keep playing responsibly, especially if sitting at a table with one of those top 5 winners.

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