The Massive Impact Of The Film Industry In Canada

When it comes to great films coming from Canada, you will often hear people refer to her as Hollywood North. This comes from the fact that a lot of Hollywood films in the United States are filmed (or at least partially filmed) in Canada. They come to Canada because of the diversity of our climate, towns, and landscape. 

It is easy to make Saint-Laurent look like New York City. The cobblestone of Old Port can easily be made to look like a cobblestone street in Paris, France. Any natural background is available to you in beautiful Canada. So, filming in Canada saves money and makes sense. Click here for a list of some impressive productions that were filmed in Canada. 


Pinewood Toronto Studios

Pinewood Toronto Studios was named for the UK-based The Pinewoods Studio Group. In 2018, Pinewood Toronto Studios announced that Bell Media would be buying a controlling stake in the business. The property/studios are massive. The stage covers 46,000 square feet and that will accommodate two massive sized projects or five average size feature films simultaneously.  


Netflix Established Production Hub in Toronto

Netflix has entered into an agreement to invest in the entertainment industry in Canada. As part of that agreement, Netflix has established a production hub in Toronto that is close to 250,000 square feet that will house its office space and studio space. Further, they will lease around 164,000 square feet of sound stages with Cinespace Studios and 84,580 square feet from Pinewood-Toronto which includes sound stages and office space. These numbers will be combined to increase the footprint that Netflix agreed to in their contract. The leases Netflix holds with British Columbia’s Martini Film Studios and production sites will remain on a per-production basis. The goal is not only to produce more film revenue for Canada but also to allow citizens more opportunity to become employed in the industry. 


Movies Canadians Love

Rolling Stones Magazine published the 2019 Best Movies List at the Toronto Film Festival. Admittedly they had a hard job, but more than one critic was surprised at some of the films that did not get chosen. 


The 12 Best Movies of the 2019 Toronto International Film

  • “Bad Education” 
  • “The Cave” 
  • “Collective” 
  • “Ema” 
  • “Ford v Ferrari” 
  • “Hustlers” 
  • “Joker” 
  • “Knives Out”
  • “Marriage Story”
  • “Sound of Metal”
  • “Uncut Gems”
  • “Wave”


Winning the Lottery – Feel-Good Movies

Maybe it is because of the press Tom Crist has gotten in recent years. Maybe it’s because Canadians are so serious about their gambling. Maybe it’s because people in Canada are quick to lend a helping hand. Whatever it is, we love our lottery winning, feel-good movies. 


Real-Life Stories (Future Movies?)

Tom Crist played the lottery for years. He played by subscription and dropped it in a file. He never really gave it a lot of thought. Over the years he may have won a few dollars here or there, but nothing to get excited about. It was nothing life-changing. He didn’t even get excited when he got a call that he had won a substantial prize. Tom had worked hard in his life and he had made a good living for himself and his family. Tom had lost his lovely wife to cancer and that loss was his only regret. When he was contacted again to receive his winnings from his 6/49, he discovered that he had won 40 million dollars! In honor of his wife and with the help of his adult children, Tom Crist donated his Lotto 6/49 money to charity. He knew that would make his wife happy and his donation was in her honor. 

Tom is not the first lotto winner that has donated their winnings to charity or to others who needed the money. There have been movies about them. Who knows, maybe we will see a movie about Tom one day.


Final Thoughts

The film industry is growing by leaps and bounds in Canada. There is no doubt that talent from Canada has had a major impact on the Hollywood film industry. It looks like the film industry is ready to stand on its own homeland and take credit where credit is due. It is the time that the population of Canada reaps the rewards of the jobs the film industries bring. 

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