mage Courtesy of Gage Skidmore on Wikimedia Commons
Image Courtesy of Gage Skidmore on Wikimedia Commons

Ryan Gosling’s activism for animal rights

Ryan Gosling is well known for his acting skills that have brought him fame and accolades and made him a brand to reckon with around the globe. With the platform his fame has provided, he has drawn attention to issues that matter most to him. One such issue is animal rights. Gosling has continually lent his voice to animal rights in different ways. Animals, ranging from nuisance pests like raccoons to domestic farm animals like poultry, deserve humane treatment, whether when managing an active infestation or preparing them as food. 

One of the earliest reports of Gosling’s animal rights activism was in 2003 when he wrote to KFC Canada to urge the fast-food chain to treat its chickens more humanely. In 2010, he made similar requests to McDonald’s when he condemned the inhumane treatment of chickens, especially in regards to scalding them to death in de-feathering tanks. 

Gosling is an avid supporter of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). In 2011, Gosling wrote to the USDA to request the revoking of the license that allows the killing of chicken according to cruel methods. The method which the letter addressed is foam-based extermination whereby chickens are killed by submerging them in foam. Gosling’s letter highlighted that the method is similar to strangling or burying the chickens alive as the birds go through an inhumane process that lasts for about 15 minutes. He urged the USDA to revoke the license for this method and support a painless process that involves the use of carbon dioxide. 

In 2013, he penned a letter on behalf of PETA to the National Milk Producers Federation to urge the organization to ban the de-horning practice of cattle. De-horning involves the removal of the horns of cattle with chemicals or sharp tools. 

In the letter, he urged the ban of the barbaric practice and the replacement of the practice with the breeding of naturally hornless cattle. 

He has also drawn attention to the unhealthy conditions and environments under which livestock are raised. His more recent public animal rights activism includes the letter he wrote to the CEO of Costco where he urged the organization to stop buying eggs from producers that cage their birds. He urged Costco to go cage-free as part of its efforts to embrace humane practices and encourage sustainability. 

Ryan Gosling, who has a dog, which he mentions fondly and has a close relationship with, is not just an animal rights activist. He is also known for his vegan lifestyle choices which include opting for vegan versions of clothes and eating at vegan restaurants. 

Gosling’s animal rights activism has cut across a wide range of activities, especially industrial activities, with a simple goal of encouraging more humane treatments and conditions.

Humane treatments could also be extended to pests. Yes, pests are nuisance critters whose activities can cause homeowners a lot of trouble and money. Still, they deserve humane treatments, especially regarding their prevention and control. After all, they infest homes and other properties in search of food and shelter and are increasingly found in human environments because of the loss of their natural habitats. 

The humane removal of pests involves the use of non-lethal methods or humane lethal methods. You could also find a wildlife removal specialist for humane animal control to avoid inhumane practices. 

Although you may not have the type of platform Ryan Gosling does to call out large corporations and organizations on inhumane activities, you can choose to treat all animals better.


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