From Screens to Slots – Brian Christopher the Canadian Casino Connoisseur

Some actors do more than just act. They branch out and start doing other types of work as well. Some start their own line of products or services, and of course, there’s always that series Beyond The Lens. Anyhow, here’s an interesting actor who has gotten into gambling, but instead of doing it for fun, he does it for a living. Brian Christopher, is a man who has his own slots-based website. In the past years his channel broke all records regarding gambling content on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Today, BC Slots counts several Million followers across the different platforms and is known as America’s biggest casino influencer around the globe.

When watching his streams, newbies might easily get confused, as the BC Slots community consists of slot experts and therefore has their very own terminology when it comes to commenting and celebrating wins on the various slot machines that Brian shows in his hour-long streams. One of his catchphrases is simply saying ‘rude’ whenever a slot machine does not deliver the expected wins that Brian and his fans are so eager for. ‘Rude’ became the leading battle cry in Christopher’s streams and has since been printed on T-shirts, hoodies and other merchandise that fans can purchase in BC’s own channel shop. 

Born in Burlington, Canada but currently residing in the United States, Brian has two great strengths: Acting, and winning big in casinos. While Brian has some acting credits under his belt, in both short films and TV series, he is best known for running Brian Christopher Slots. He started out this business simply by starting with a basic YouTube upload about some successful wins from various slot machines in Vegas. From there, the video got more popular and eventually, Brian made more videos on gambling and casinos. In the past years, Canada has become home to some of the biggest casino streaming channels in the world. In particular, the world-famous Twitch streaming platform has boosted viewer numbers into the millions across the entire planet, and Canadians are among the world-leading creators in the scene. 

Compared to other streamers, Brian Christopher’s casino streams use relatively low stakes in his streams, as normally the limit on land-based casino machines lies somewhere below 100 Dollars per spin. However, true casino fans know that real casino fun is not necessarily depending on the sum of the wagers, but rather the thrill that bonus features and special symbols can bring on the reels. BC always attracts a large gathering of people in every casino he visits. His fans tend to gather behind his chair to have a good view on the slot machines and be visible in his live broadcast on YouTube. They all cheer together with his channel assistants and husband when Brian breaks slot records and gets the jackpots paid out in cash by the casino manager.

Today, he now has his own slot business, where he posts videos and live streams of all kinds of different slots. It also shows just how amazing he is as he makes a fortune and breaks jackpots in every single video. From Las Vegas to all over North America, if you like seeing how to win the casino games and do it responsibly, take a gander at Brian’s vids today and see how you could win big. You’d be surprised at what this guy could show you.

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