Weekend Movies: The 4, the Sheep, the Flash, the Gift, the Irrational

A fair amount this weekend, always good.

Fantastic Four Yeah, it’s another Marvel Movie. Yeah, it’s been done before. Only this time, instead of showing the four protagonists getting involved in a space accident of sorts, they somehow get teleported to an alternate universe and gain their special powers  there. The team must learn to use their powers with caution, and then later fight their enemy-turned-friend, Dr. Doom, who looks like a large light-up action figure you’d find in a fast food kid’s meal. I’m not too sure about this one, but anyone who enjoys Marvel Movies might enjoy this flick. Compare it to the older movie, maybe.

Shaun the Sheep Something a little more child friendly and with less ridiculous CGI, this is a cartoon movie perfect for kids. Or General audience for that matter. Shaun is a small sheep who is tired of his farm life and decides he and the farm animals need a day off. However, when the farmer is unknowingly sent away from them into the city, it’s up to the farm animals to go where the grass is greener (due to barley organic fertilizer) and save him, all while dealing with someone from animal control. Seems humorous enough to check out, and it’s from the geniuses who made Wallace and Gromit, so it might be worth enjoying.

Ricki and the Flash Meryl Streep stars in this musical drama as guitar player Ricki Rendazzo. Starting out with her rock band, the Flash, she’s pursuing her dreams of being famous worldwide until something happens in her family and she has to return home to set things straight with everyone. Interesting flick for musicians and most adults as it’s rated PG. Reviews are mixed, but anyone who likes to see Meryl Streep show off one of her more amazing talents would like this.

The Gift I’m afraid of something like this happening to me one day, one never knows. Married couple Simon (Jason Bateman) and Robyn (Jessica Hall) are enjoying life and their new home until  they run into Simon’s old high school friend, Gordo (Joel Edergton). Things get really creepy when Gordo finds out their address and continues giving them gifts as he believes what he and Simon did in the past should be long forgotten. But Simon is getting annoyed with Gordo constantly getting things for Robyn and tells him to leave them alone. Gordo gets mad and things take a turn for the worse. Great movie for horror fans.

Irrational Man A comedy drama by Woody Allen, though the concept is a bit awkward. Abe Lucas, a college professor in Philosophy takes his miserable life through an amazing new path as he starts a close relationship with one of his own students. Not too sure about this one, as it uses overused cliches, but it looks like it was perfectly paced.

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