Two ways to spend movie money this weekend

Once again, number of movies is decreasing. I’m not entirely sure why, but there should be more variety next week.

Love the Coopers I give this movie partial credit for coming out only after Remembrance Day. Respectful to the Veterans. In this, er, uh, comedy, four generations of family unite for the best Christmas ever. However, unexpected guests, crazy events, and supposed hilarity make everything a mess . . .  hopefully leading towards the spirit of Christmas and bonding of family. Chances are, the moral is going to be forced, or not completely there. I’m not too fond of these kinds of films, I just don’t find klutziness to be very funny. But if you’re not expecting too much and enjoy juvenile humour considered fun for everybody, check it out. Or don’t. Christmas family disasters are overdone a fair amount and just make me more annoyed during this season.

The 33 A drama about 33 miners in Chile who got buried in 2010 by a large explosion in a mine. An international team heads out to find these miners and rescue them but after 69 days of searching, they can’t find anyone. A story about transformation of the human soul as well as survival, showing the miners as they work and struggle hard to never give up on freeing themselves. Their families work hard to find and save them. Based on a true story, and filmed with the cooperation of the miners who suffered this harrowing incident, The 33 seems like an interesting movie to check out. Excitement and amazing adventure 200 stories below the Earth.

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