Refueling and Walking in the Woods: Labour Day Weekend Movies

Movies are getting scarce again…

The Transporter Refueled – Once a mercenary for Special Ops, Frank Martin (Ed Skrein) is now living a less troublesome life as a transporter of classified packages. Frank’s father meets up with him in the South of France for the weekend. That’s when things take a crazy new turn. First Frank gets involved with a female criminal and she has him working with her attractive team members to make plans for robbing a bank in a heist that will be long remembered. It isn’t long before Frank must use the knowledge he learned from his last job in order to beatĀ a Russian Kingpin, and later on he is put into a game of chess alongside some women who are planning revenge. Seems like a good action for the action fans. Also brings Frank Martin into a new generation.

A Walk in the Woods Funny, I just recently saw a movie about a couple men in the wilderness. Robert Redford plays Bill Bryson, who instead of simply retiring to spend time with his rather large family, decides to hike theĀ Appalachian Trail. That’s right, he plans to hike 2,200 miles through the U.S., all the way from Georgia to Maine. Thinking he’s going to be alone to enjoy his tranquility, he somehow finds himself walking with his friend Katz (Nick Nolte) who has had bad luck recently along with debts to pay, and is using this hike as an excuse to escape. It looks like this is going to be one strange adventure for the two, I just hope one of them doesn’t do drugs. A comedy-drama for just about anyone looking for a dose of humour.

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