Movies to check out this New Year Weekend

Daddy’s Home – Starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, Ferrell takes the role of a stepdad who wants to be better than the last guy to his new wife’s two children, but then the real dad played by Wahlberg comes back to prove he’s still got his game despite being a freeloading cyclist. The two compete against each other to prove who is the better father. This is sure to be an enjoyable comedy. Of course it all depends if this is the type of role for Ferrell because his acting doesn’t always work in certain films. Mark Wahlberg movies are tolerable though.

Joy – Starring Jennifer Lawrence as a woman who becomes the leader of her family almost too instantly. What only happens next is a dramatic comedic story about love and how to handle family issues, as well as being loyal. Should be an interesting comedy/film for anybody looking for a love story about family.

Point Break – Luke Bracey plays the interestingly named Johnny Utah, who’s a young agent in the FBI. Utah recruits a bunch of young athletes to take on the world’s  deadliest criminals, who also happen to be extremely athletic. Seems to be a pretty intense adventure packed with all kinds of action that could be enjoyable to anyone.

More to come . . .


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