Movies This Weekend; or, Alternatives to VIFF

VIFF’s going to keep me occupied but for those not interested in festival films (why wouldn’t they be though?) here’s some other content from the bigger businesses.

Hotel Transylvania 2 Another one? Every monster’s favourite spooky hotel is running smoothly, and Drac has now made a new policy allowing humans to stay. Yeah, that’s a bad idea. Drac’s grandson isn’t quite a full vampire so Drac and his fellow monsters instruct him on how to be a real vampire. Unexpectedly, Drac’s father Vlad is coming by for a visit, and he’ll soon find out his first grandson isn’t full vampire as well as learning the new guest policy… Did I already say that was a BAD IDEA? Not sure about this movie myself  but if it keeps the kids watching cartoon monsters instead of being real monsters, it’ll be worth the money.

The Intern – Getting tired of retirement, Widower Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) wants to go back to doing something instead of sitting with the other old folk and waiting for pills. So he applies to an online fashion website where he becomes an intern working for Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway). Anyone who’s interested in comedy should check this out, I don’t know how often a scenario like this happens.

Green Inferno What’s next, Blue Blaze, Purple Wildfire, Pink Combustion? Anyways, in this new horror by Eli Roth, some college students are protesting to save a rainforest where an isolated tribe lives, and without thinking logically they go to said rainforest to protect it. If only they had known the tribe practises cannibalism and devours trespassers. If anyone likes a good dose of horror, they ought to check this out.

Pawn Sacrifice A drama made by Edward Zwick, Pawn Sacrifice is, as anyone would guess, a film about chess. Starring Tobey Macguire as chess prodigy Bobby Fischer from Brooklyn, the drama depicts Fischer’s rise and fall as he uses his powers, the big moment for him being when he challenges the Soviet Union. Great drama for anyone interested in past times. Could be interesting

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