Movies for the weekend

Mother’s Day Sandy (Jennifer Aniston) is a mom dealing with struggles from her two sons and her husband being an irresponsible father who ends up remarrying someone younger. Meanwhile a man named Bradley (Jason Sudeikis) has to take on the issues of being a single father of a couple daughters. Elsewhere there’s a woman named Jessie (Kate Hudson) who never gets to see her mother until one day her parents actually stop for a visit and they’re not as pleasant as expected. We also get to see the life of an author named Miranda (Julia Roberts) who’s too busy for kids. Finally there’s Kristin (Britt Robertson) who has never met her birth mother as she got adopted. Somehow they all end up getting together for this one holiday to have the most fun ever. Actually everything in this movie seems to resemble a mix between good family values and really bad jokes. It’s sad how most comedy movies have been turning into those lately.

Keanu Starring Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as cousins Clarence and Rell, who are clearly not the brightest lights on a film set. Somehow some gangsters randomly take Rell’s cat, the appropriately named Keanu, and the two cousins decide to take on the gang themselves in order to obtain back the little fur ball. Another ridiculous film. Humour is probably just as weird as Mother’s Day, if not worse.

Ratchet and Clank It seems like something new is trending over the next couple weeks. Take a classic game and somehow turn it into a movie. This animated tale tells about how the two heroes meet each other and go on to defeat an alien named Chairman Drek who wants to destroy the Solana Galaxy. As they find a planet-destroying weapon, they also join forces with The Galactic Rangers to save the galaxy. Seems like a colourful animated film full of action and fun for the average gamer. I have to wonder how they’re going to take it though. My brother used to play this and I’m pretty sure he’d consider this unnecessary.

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