Movies for the weekend: Comedy and Chaos

Zootopia – This should keep the kids entertained. Another movie about talking animals doing strange things with lots of pop culture references. This story focuses on a small rabbit named Judy Hoops who wants to work as law enforcement at the local zoo, but all the other animals are bigger and tougher so she is not qualified for the role. So she teams up with a scam artist fox to prove herself worthy by solving a mystery. Let the kids see it, but I don’t think they’ll be much into it either.

London has Fallen – Taking place in London of all places, the British Prime Minister has died for unknown reasons and soon chaos is erupting around the world with a plot to kill off all the countries’ leaders. The president of the U.S., his head secret service agent, and an English MI-6 agent are the only ones who can handle saving the world from possible doom. This sounds like a very exciting action movie that should be very enjoyable. Intense, exciting, and sure to keep people shocked. Let’s hope something like this doesn’t actually happen though.

Whiskey Tango Fox Trot – Tina Fey stars as Kim Barker, an ordinary reporter. She decides to take her life to an exciting new level by going on assignment right into the middle of a war zone. Surely to be either chaotic or comedic or in some cases, both. Chances are this could have a lot of badly written humour but I think anyone who likes Tina Fey should have a huge interest in this one.

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