TSC! WGC! CRTC! And More Ways to Bring Video to the Blind

(Via Wireservice.ca) The Toronto Screenwriting Conference (TSC) and the Writers Guild of Canada (WGC) are getting together to present “one all-star weekend” with speakers, workshops, panels, and of course a celebration — 20th annual WGC Screenwriting Awards gala. It all takes place from Friday, April 29 to Monday, May 2. Workshop topics include the antihero on TV and writing a TV pilot that sells. Details and tickets here.

(Via CNW) New services and software infrastructure from SOVO Technologies and Turbulent make it easier and less costly to bring video content to the visually impaired. The process starts with the usual transcripts that provide context for the dialogue in a video, which then are “interpreted by Turbulent software and rendered in HTML format, meeting the accessibility standards and ensuring compatibility with screen scraping applications and Braille readers.” Groupe Media TFO acted as a leader for this project and used the solutions from SOVO and Turbulent in order to make its platforms accessible.

(Via CNW) The CRTC’s Three-Year Plan is out today; you can read the whole thing here. No matter what you think about how they run things, the agency wants to hear from you on subjects like basic telecommunications services and the effectiveness of the Wireless Code.

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