A Wealth of Production

This season proves that Vancouver is still one of the most popular cities in which to shoot. All the way from superhero series to alternative history series set up camp here and use the city’s forests and shores to create their worlds.

The recent change in tax advantage given to any international production companies that shoot here seemingly has no effect on business. Black and white vans, tents, and massive electric generators take up space on every street corner in the downtown core, as well as in Burnaby and Langley. The number of jobs for everyone from production assistants to extras to actors has risen to the point that many production managers are taking to craigslist and other less formal methods of seeking talent to fill the vacant positions.

Vancouver should look at this like it’s a good thing. All these open positions make Vancouver an attractive option for anybody up and coming in the industry looking for a way to break in.

Vancouver seems to be earning back its 90s nickname “Hollywood North”. Christy Clark, who serves as the current premier of British Columbia, announced back in June that Vancouver’s city council approved funding for Vancouver Economic to create a “Film Commission Office” and to “reestablish Vancouver as a global hub for the film industry.” Gregor Robertson, Vancouver’s city mayor, tweeted his support of the commission.

With this support, and all the available jobs, Vancouver may see itself rise to a considerably more important position in the international film world.

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