Out of Control (Review)

I wanna be, anything you want me to be, just let me be, out of contr- Oops, wrong movie. We’re talking about the cinematic whatjamacallit written and directed by Richard Trevor. Huh boy, if there’s one thing I know about films with minimal credits, its- well you know. You probably thought it might have had […]

Pas (Review)

After Wednesday’s frightening ordeal, I figured I would pas, er, I mean, pass on another review. But as you may have noticed earlier, I’ve fully recovered. This film is a (supposed) musical about a woman named Rose. But she wasn’t always a woman. She was a cute little girl. In her childhood at 8 years […]

Une idee de grandeur (Review)

Well, I didn’t think Travelling would try to make an artistic film out of politics the same way Philippe Falardeau had made a comedy film out of politics, but I guess it’s because French Canadians have an interesting perspective. Louis Belisle (Luc Guerin) is dealing with the biggest struggle of being a mayor, which is being […]

A Kiss and a Promise (Review)

They’re always better together. Well, maybe not in this instance. The film has a certain element of artistic touches as shown in the opening credits, which also reveal people have done multiple jobs in production. Instantly proves this is a low budget. Our story begins with Charlie (Sean Power), a slacker who lives with couple […]

Lord Jones is Dead (Review)

Directed by Vancouver’s own Austin Andrews and Andrew Holmes, Lord Jones Is Dead is like the Office Space of print journalism. Two journalists and a photographer wait outside a house that may or may not be where the mistress of a local politician lives. Despite one journalist and the photographer working for one paper, and […]