Logan (Review)

It’s interesting to think that, while Marvel’s “American” Avengers are out saving the world (but still mostly America of course), Fox’s two current tent-pole characters, Deadpool and Wolverine, who are also both Canadian, seem less concerned with saving the world than fixing more immediate problems in their own lives. While I admit I’m a huge […]

Sweeping Forward (Review)

Everyone finds themselves dealing with this problem, whether they know it or not, and this problem is anxiety of competition. It doesn’t just affect average folks, it affects most of us in the film industry too, especially me. And that’s what this movie focuses on, fear of competing against someone who may be better than […]

Sorry, We’re Closed (Review)

Sorry, We’re Closed peeks inside a server’s long life. Charlotte’s been slinging the same greasy food and lukewarm coffee for what feels like decades in this anachronistic-themed restaurant, and this film is about her relationship with its typical patron – the sleazy man “just passing through”. His name is John, a name that might as […]

Moon Point (Review)

Fly me to the Moon… Point! No I really didn’t say that after watching this. Mainly because the uber cheesiness of this typical-style of Canadian indie feature was well, in need of a little more work The film is an interesting tale of the young 20-something year old named Darryl (Nick McKinlay) who is never […]

Abigaelle (Review)

Let’s focus on the subject of reality and fantasy. There’s a thin line between the two, and on some occasions fantasy completely replaces reality. That’s what the focus of this short film is as we explore the character Nassim, played by Karim Arif Gamez. The first several shots consist of him walking along through his […]