Twoview: Shorts with Flexibility (and the Same Creator)

Bounce Guillaume Blanchet does some style of musical featuring himself and a ball as he stands in the centre of a shot and does tricks. The only thing to change is the background of the location he’s in. When I first noticed this was listed as a musical AND by Travelling, I expected something weirder. I guess I was right when I said not every one of their films goes or even ends strangely. Ah, Travelling. Always going for the unexpected. The shots were well done, the music really fit the mood and the amount of effort put into this was amazing. And it was even shot on a GoPro, the camera that makes super fantastic shots even if it looks small enough to be a cereal box prize.

A Girl named Elastika Something else that was done by Blanchet. Okay, I didn’t expect that either. This is a stop motion-style animation video featuring a girl named Elastika made out of thumbtacks and rubber bands. What happens? Well, she goes on all sorts of quirky adventures in many other places made of thumbtacks and rubber bands. At first I would’ve considered something like this in the weird factor with Nelly et Lio, but this was a lot more of a creative weird than it was an incomprehensible weird. The animation was flawless, the story was well done, and the effort put into this whole thing was shown to have been really worth it. Sure, stuff like this has been done before by MysteryGuitarman and other YouTubers, but I still enjoyed the simplicity of the whole concept.

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