Exclusive – Psychopomp & Circumstance By Annahis Basmadjian Part I (With Video)

exclusiveThe working title is a pun, explains Annahis.

Pomp and circumstance describes a ceremony or big deal. Psychopomp means a soul grabber/agent of death that takes the souls of the dead to the underworld. Psychopomp & Circumstance is the latest musical play written by playwright Annahis Basmadjian. She will be co-directing with UBC business student Hovy Qiu.

This play was initiated by the Commerce Community Department at UBC for the purpose of helping out local charities. Annahis was approached by Hovy to write it. The Sauder School of Business program hosts a play annually. Half the actors are actually business students, the other half are actors that have performed in multiple theatrical productions.

The two leads in the play are Kenneth Tynan and Travis Friday.

Annahis had invited me to a rehearsal and I was able to speak with every performer involved. What a treat.

Kenneth plays the role of the Grim Reaper and tells me that there is great chemistry between him and the Headless Horseman, played by Travis. They have both been in preparation since December of 2015.

When I asked how the story came about, Annahis explained that she had been developing the Grim Reaper character for the past six years and this was a great opportunity to get her story and character onto the stage.

If you are interested in purchasing tickets for this three-day event starting March 10th, you may do so here or call 778-997-9814.

(To be continued)

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