La Ronde (Review)

A drama about twins who go through some tough times eventually leading to a personal issue.

It starts out with the first one, Ariane (Eliane Prefontaine) playing her piano, then moving around her home. It seems there’s a lot on her mind. Eventually, she runs away from to find somewhere else to live. But not before she calls her twin brother Alex (Hubert Lemire) to confirm her departure. He’s too busy working his job at a restaurant to help, so they have a quick chat about their plans and she then heads off on Alex’s motor scooter.

Ariane makes another stop to meet some of her former students, as she was a soccer coach for a while. She takes one of the kids home and the journey continues. It is revealed that one of the issues causing Ariane to leave is the fact that her father killed himself. However, Ariane’s journey is delayed to her brother’s scooter being horribly manufactured. She ends up having to walk all the way instead, which makes her feel even more uncomfortable. But a man ends up giving her a ride — before it starts to rain hard.

The drive stops all too suddenly when Ariane and the driver discover an animal corpse in the middle of the road and Ariane moves it. What is it with Quebec movies and dead animals in the road? Ariane leaves the driver behind and moves on her nocturnal trip. Meanwhile, Alex makes it to the hospital and talks to the doctor about his father’s condition.

This was a great film with beautiful shots and the actors were amazing at making the movie more believable. Nice use of cinematography at night, though what Ariane kept noticing through the night was a bit confusing. It makes more sense near the ending though.

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