EnRoute Film Festival Vancouver

Last night’s launch of the 2015 Air Canada enRoute Film Festival at the Vancity Theatre was a good time — I was surprised it wasn’t as packed as the VWF. The first hour or so consisted of drinking and mingling. (All drinks on the house — why don’t more people know about this?)  Midway were some announcements about the focus of the evening — what films had made the cut and were going to be screening as inflight entertainment for the next few months.

I hung out with a couple people I knew, and met some new connections such as Barbara Keith, star of Mars Barb. It’s a short documentary on how this woman from Surrey someday wants to travel to Mars with others and start a newer, more peaceful government. Some of the key factors to living on Mars would be complete honesty and no possessions.

When the theatre opened up, we watched about nine or so short films. Some of them were innovative and very well made. There was one abstract animation though that made me question if the alcohol in my cider was too strong. Some of my favourite films included two coloured clouds trying to out-shape each other in front of kids, a man who feels alone very often, and a couple other unique short movies. Then there were a couple awkward ones such as one about a couple who lose their cat, and this other showing how fishermen enjoy their life on the sea. After the screening was over, everyone grabbed their gift bags — thank you, L’Oréal, for sponsoring.

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