Two Countries, Turbo Kid, Windfall

Two Countries, Canada’s first major Malayalam-language film, is under production in the Ottawa area. Made in the language of Kerala, the Indian state that’s home to “Mollywood”, the comedy tells the story of an arranged marriage between a Canadian-born woman and a man from India. The CBC’s Chris Lackner has more.

The CBC also tells us that Turbo Kid, premiering at Fantasia in Montreal, is both a post-apocalyptic gore film and a sweet 80s-style love story. Montreal trio Roadkill Super Stars (RKSS) — Anouk and Yoann-Karl Whissell plus François Simard — are the force behind Turbo Kid. And whatever else this film may feature, it’s got a character who’s transformed her BMX bike into a fake unicorn, which probably makes it worth checking out just for that.

Digital Journal reports that Canada’s multi-talented Darren Mann has co-written, co-produced, and starred in an upcoming short drama directed by Rick Tae: Windfall. Mann also created the original story, which centres on a lottery winner learning you may not be able to buy back the love of the people you’ve hurt.

In a special to The National Post, Regan Reid says “Fewer films mean fewer jobs to go around — and this has pushed women out of the mainstream” not only behind the camera, but in front. More girls on unicorn bikes wanted?


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