East Van Short Film Showcase: Winter has come

Feels like I attended something like this a couple months ago. Turns out there was another. I couldn’t resist, so here’s my input on the films that were showcased.

At first, several music videos were presented, and then followed by John Cullen, who is one of Vancouver’s local comedians. Seriously, that’s all they said about him. (But here’s more.) He went on monologuing for a bit, and then told a funny yet awkward story about his childhood. After that small moment with Cullen, the films finally started playing. Well the first five anyway.

Not Indian Enough — I’ve seen this a couple times already. Anyways it stars Carmen Moore as Native American Karen, who gets turned down for a job exclusively for an Aboriginal woman because the interviewer says she’s not Indian enough. Harsh. But she finds out that her cousin Rachel (Maiji Tailfeathers) is the one responsible for spreading the slanderous gossip. Not a lot to this, but it is a short film and it addresses one of the biggest issues Aboriginals have to deal with, the struggle to get a job, as well as having their culture insulted. Really delivered the message in a comedic way.

The Sharpest Fingers in Clayborn County — Two men face off in a bar. Instead of starting your typical bar fight, they peel labels off of beer bottles and fold them into complex origami. I thoroughly enjoyed this, it was humorous and creative. Interesting what someone can make out of labels.

More to come . . .

(Photo: Rupert Kittinger-Sereinig)

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