Exclusive – FSM, A Film By Melanie Jones (with Video)

exclusiveFSM was Melanie Jones’ first feature film. It sold out at the VIWFF earlier this month. This was its third premiere.

The story centers around a female deejay dealing with today’s online dating and pressures from society to conform to its expectations.

It also deals with friendship, sex and music.

I caught up with Melanie to ask her about its inception.

“This was the second feature I wrote but the first I produced. It couldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the Indiecan 10K Challenge. Winning it awarded me sponsors and mentors as well as assistance through casting agencies, equipment from William F. White, help in post and access to executive producers for guidance.”

“How long did it take you to write the script?”

“I wrote the first draft in 38 days. I sent it in and I won! Pre-production took two months, we shot for 12 days and post took approximately nine months.”

One of Melanie’s sponsors were Indiegogo. They raised $11,000 through them. The approximate cost of the entire film including sponsors was $100,000.

“We had a crew of 50-60 people and a cast of over 40. The only thing we had to pay for was food, wardrobe, set and props. It will be screening at VanCity on April 16 and the 18th.”

Melanie graduated from film school in 2006 and has been making short films since.

“The best part of filmmaking is being on set. It’s my dream life.”

(Read Nick Wangersky’s review of FSM here.)

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