Exclusive – 5 Minute Rush – Part II

exclusiveThis is an action story that came to life by way of Steve Baran. The 15-minute film was inspired by an earlier and darker time in Steve’s life. It tells the story of an enforcer, Braden Vasco, who is found at the scene of a homicide. The victim is the drug boss of a rival gang. Through survival Braden Vasco seeks vengeance while piecing together the truth.

Chris Rogers, producer, tells me once this film is made and packaged, it will be screened at festivals for optimal exposure. They will be promoting it with studio aspirations in mind. Once the studios smell what the creators of this film are cooking, they are hoping to secure financing to turn it into a feature.

Chris gave me the inside scoop on everyone involved, as well as sharing his personal journey leading up to this film.

“We have an amazing Director of Photography named Cliff Hokanson who brings vast amounts of experience. Cliff has worked with the likes of Jason Statham, Jet Li, Wesley Snipes and Jean Claude Vandamme.” Their stunt coordinator is Tenay Genco. He brings years of dedicated fighting on and off screen to the project. 1st AD is Rob Guthrie and the film will be edited by Daryl Ahye and Fernando Rojas Acuna.

I asked Chris Rogers about his involvement in the film. Gaining more knowledge of the industry as well as working with professionals is what keeps him involved. Living the dream.

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