10 Cloverfield Lane, Grimsby, The Little Prince, The Young Messiah

10 Cloverfield Lane – A horror film starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead as a woman who discovers the underground shelter of two homeless men has a lot of deep dark secrets that best remain untold. Sounds like a perfect film for any horror fanatic.

Grimsby – Two brothers reunite. Nobby is a big fan of football and Sebastian is an MI6 agent. The two must prevent a massive terror attack from destroying the world, but how easy is it when you have a dimwitted brother? Sounds like another comedy of awkward jokes. Should be interesting for anyone with a dimwit of a brother.

The Little Prince – A little girl is preparing to move up in the world at a young age, but her elderly neighbour wants to show her how fun it is to fly an airplane first. This sends the little girl on a journey to a magical universe, home of the little prince. A heartwarming animation movie aimed at kids and adults alike.

The Young Messiah – A fictionalized story about the young Jesus at age seven, coming back from Egypt to Nazareth. He doesn’t seem to be aware of his powers and how to use them. One point even being when he kills and revives a bully. Jesus and his family are required to move again, but must watch out for the obstacle known as King Herod. A rather intense sounding film but I’m sure the true Bible reader might be pointing out inaccuracies.

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