FSM (Review)

This  feature-length comedy  screened at the Vancouver International Women in Film festival follows the troubled life of a DJ named Samantha (Vanessa Crouch). Samantha is getting good compensation for her jobs at late night clubs as well as working as a teacher at a summer camp, but she wants to find a man who she can marry. And it just so happens that every guy she knows is either taken or just not for her.

She posts a profile on an online dating site. There she meets her old friend, Liam (Georgie Daburas) who now has his own local band. Samantha also tries a date with a sports fan named Jim (Daniel Arnold) and things don’t go as smoothly as they are complete opposites. Things with Liam don’t go much better when he tastes wine with her one night and her life spirals out of control from there. Since her sister disapproves of Samantha’s lifestyle, Samantha’s only comfort and advice comes from her longtime friend simply known as Yodabestie (Sean Aiken) who gives advice from time to time.

The scene changes in this were a little awkward, and I feel like this story has been done before. Of course, it doesn’t help that I’ve witnessed a similar story unfolding in a friend’s life . . .  The point is, while the “looking for love” story has been done in so many various and strange ways, the characters actually help kind of balance the whole thing out. Not to mention, it was also funny enough to balance out a bad day.

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