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In the era of digital overload, platforms that highlight and honour history are crucial. Canadiana is a shining example, providing a wealth of Canadian history through its web series and online hub. It aims to deepen understanding and appreciation of Canada’s past, proving that Canadian history is far from boring or insignificant in today’s fast-paced world. Led by filmmaker and producer Ashley Brook, The Canadiana Project Inc. has become a pillar of Canadian storytelling since its creation in 2017. 

With engaging narratives, on-location footage, and archival animations, Canadiana has enthralled audiences season after season. Backed by grants from prestigious organizations like The Bell Fund and the Canada Media Fund and awarded numerous accolades, Canadiana has established itself as a reliable and captivating source for delving into the diverse and often overlooked aspects of Canadian history.

The Canadiana Project: A Platform for Canadian Stories

From the start, The Canadiana Project Inc. has been committed to showcasing the richness and variety of Canadian history. The project has grown into a multimedia experience, captivating audiences worldwide. 

What started as a plan to address a gap in Canadian history education has become a flourishing storytelling hub, igniting curiosity and strengthening ties to the past. The Canadiana documentary web series is the project’s centrepiece. 

With over 30 short documentary films available for free on its website and YouTube channel, Canadiana has become a trusted resource for educators, students, and history buffs. 

Seasons of Canadiana: Evolution and Success 

The first season of Canadiana premiered on the project’s YouTube channel in 2017, setting the stage for what would become a cultural sensation. Its distinctive mix of education and entertainment captivated viewers, encouraging them to revisit well-known tales and delve into lesser-known aspects of Canadian history. 

Following the triumph of its debut season, Canadiana returned in 2018 for a second installment, backed by the Bell Fund and other generous supporters. This season saw the project reach new milestones, earning critical praise and industry recognition. 

From Golden Sheaf Awards to Canadian Screen Award nominations, Canadiana’s influence was widely felt, solidifying its position as a pioneer in digital storytelling. By the time the third season launched in 2022, excitement was at an all-time high. With a varied selection of episodes exploring topics from pirate legends to Cold War intrigue, Canadiana once again enthralled audiences with its immersive storytelling and meticulous attention to detail. 

Awards and Reception: Recognizing Excellence

From prestigious industry awards to glowing reviews from critics and audiences, the series has made a lasting impact on the cultural landscape. In 2019, Canadiana received the Golden Sheaf Award for Best Research from the Yorkton Film Festival, highlighting its dedication to meticulous historical accuracy and thorough investigation.

In 2020, Canadiana received a nomination for the Canadian Screen Award for Best Web Program or Series, Non-Fiction, presented by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television. Then, in 2023, the series garnered a nomination for a Rockie Award at the Banff World Media Festival, this time in the Short Form Non-Fiction category. This recognition further established Canadiana’s position as a standout in the digital media landscape. 

Media outlets such as CBC, CTV News, and Global News have also taken notice, providing Canadiana with a platform to reach even wider audiences. Beyond industry accolades, Canadiana has earned praise from viewers, educators, and historians for its innovative approach to storytelling and its commitment to representing Canada’s diverse history. 

Here are the accolades garnered by the series:

  • 2024 Canadian Screen Award Nominee for Best Picture Editing in a Web Program or Series
  • 2023 Rockie Award Nominee for Best Short-Form Non-Fiction
  • 2023 Canadian Cinema Editors Award Winner for Best Editing in a Web Series
  • 2023 NZ WebFest Award Winner for Best Directing in an International Factual Series
  • 2020 Canadian Screen Award Nominee for Best Non-Fiction Web Program or Series
  • 2019 Canadian Cinema Editors Award Winner for Best Editing in a Web Series
  • 2019 Golden Sheaf Award Winner for Best Research
  • 2019 IWCC Canadian Spotlight Award Winner (Special Award)
  • 2018 Canadian Cinema Editors Awards Nominee for Best Editing in a Web Series

Season Three Deep Dive: Exploring Canadian History

The season begins with a two-part exploration of “The Pirate Legends of Canada,” revealing the thrilling history of piracy along Canada’s Atlantic coast. From the adventures of figures like Peter Easton to the decline of piracy in the region, these episodes provide a captivating look into a lesser-known aspect of Canadian history.

Subsequent episodes delve into a range of topics, such as the role of Canadian lumber in naval warfare against Napoleon and the story of Russian defector Igor Gouzenko, during the Cold War. Each episode is thoroughly researched and expertly crafted, offering viewers a deeper understanding of Canada’s past. 

One particularly captivating episode, “The Werewolf of Quebec,” explores French Canadian folklore and the reported sightings of a werewolf in 18th-century Quebec City. Other episodes in the season cover topics ranging from the construction of the Alaska Highway during World War II to the role of Newfoundland dogs in shaping Canada’s history. 

By offering a fresh perspective on familiar stories and illuminating lesser-known narratives, Season Three of Canadiana continues the project’s mission to educate, entertain, and inspire. 

Wrapping Up

Canadiana is a powerful testament to storytelling’s ability to educate, inspire, and unite. The series captivates audiences with engaging narratives and meticulous attention to detail. By exploring Canada’s past and challenging perceptions, Canadiana highlights overlooked stories and sparks renewed interest in Canadian history. As it looks to the future, Canadiana remains committed to honouring Canada’s heritage and inspiring future generations. With each new season, the series pushes boundaries and breaks new ground, ensuring the stories of Canada’s past resonate for generations to come. 

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