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How CRTC’s The News Forum Provides with the Latest Topics on Film

In the ever-evolving landscape of media and news broadcasting, there is one Canadian English-language news channel that dares to go beyond the conventional: The News Forum (TNF), a distinctive platform renowned for its opinion-based talk shows and center-right editorial position. 

While TNF is well-known for its commitment to fostering constructive dialogue and offering politically balanced perspectives, there’s a lesser-known aspect of this channel that deserves the spotlight: its dedication to providing the latest topics on film and entertainment.

In this blog, we’ll see how TNF, approved by the CRTC, stands out by talking about movies and entertainment. Beyond politics, TNF keeps you up-to-date on exciting film news. From interesting documentaries to fun panel talks, TNF makes sure Canadians get the scoop on both politics and the thrilling world of cinema. Let’s discover how TNF’s unique approach, in compliance with the CRTC, brings a fresh take on films and entertainment news.

Background: The News Forum’s Vision

The News Forum was founded with a clear vision to provide “politically balanced domestic and international perspectives, inclusive of a conservative counterbalance for the current media landscape.” Guided by media professional Tore Stautland, formerly associated with ZoomerMedia’s Faith TV and Joytv, the channel gained prominence in the Canadian media scene. 

Its aim was to create an inclusive platform that welcomed diverse viewpoints while offering a conservative alternative to prevailing media outlets. Striving to encourage constructive conversations amid growing polarization, TNF became a destination for viewers seeking balanced news coverage and opinion-based discussions. By fostering critical thinking and presenting varied perspectives, the channel carved out a distinctive space in Canada’s media landscape.

Programming and Personalities

TNF’s main focus is on opinion-based talk shows with well-known conservative figures and former politicians as hosts. Some of the featured personalities include Tony Clement, a former Conservative Party minister, and Tanya Granic Allen, a former Ontario Progressive Conservative candidate. The channel has also expanded to include other influential conservative voices like Danielle Smith, a former Alberta Wildrose Party leader, CHQR host, and Conservative MP Dean Allison.

These talk shows cover various topics from a conservative viewpoint, including politics and social issues, allowing conservative figures to share their insights and opinions.

Apart from talk shows, TNF also airs “Forum Daily,” a national newscast that mainly uses Canadian Press wire stories. This helps keep viewers updated on the latest news events but with a conservative perspective. It’s a way for TNF to provide news from a particular standpoint that resonates with its audience.

The CRTC, the regulatory body overseeing broadcasting in Canada, played a crucial role in TNF’s journey to become a recognized national news station. Thanks to the CRTC’s approval of TNF’s application for a broadcasting license and granting of mandatory distribution under section 9(1)(h) of the Broadcasting Act, TNF became part of the list of national news stations in Canada. This approval allowed TNF to reach a broader audience as it became available on all Canadian television providers.

Formal Licensing and Mandatory Distribution

On May 17, 2022, TNF achieved a major milestone when the CRTC approved their application for a broadcasting license. This meant that TNF was recognized as one of Canada’s national news stations and would reach a wider audience.

Originally, TNF started as a small news service, but they wanted to be officially recognized and reach more people. So, they applied for a formal license to become a national news service like CBC News Network and CTV News Channel.

However, there were some challenges along the way. The CRTC was initially concerned about how often TNF updated its news. But TNF made changes to its schedule and content to address those concerns.

Finally, on November 1, 2022, the CRTC granted TNF “must-offer” status. This meant that all licensed Canadian TV providers were required to include TNF in their channel lineup. It was a big win for TNF, as it ensured that more people across the country could access their news, and it could also help the network grow financially.

Tore Stautland, TNF Founder, was thrilled with the news license and mandatory carriage approval. He recognized the responsibility that came with it and promised to continue providing quality news coverage to help viewers understand the rapidly changing world.

Forum Daily News, part of TNF, covers a wide range of topics affecting Canadians, such as legal matters, finance, education, politics, and crypto. TNF also introduced “My Generation,” a program aimed at empowering young people to think critically.

Nima Rajan, Senior Anchor of Forum Daily News, highlighted TNF’s commitment to facilitating tough discussions on complex issues and presenting diverse viewpoints. They want to rise above polarization and give viewers the chance to make up their own minds.

Documentary Programming: “Living Proof”

Beyond its regular programming, TNF has been venturing into the world of documentary film. One such documentary is “Living Proof,” directed by Mathew Embry. The film, which premiered on TNF Network, focuses on the journey of living with multiple sclerosis (MS). Mathew Embry’s personal experience of living symptom-free with MS for over 27 years serves as an inspiration for those dealing with the disease.

“Living Proof” takes a unique approach by providing science-based strategies for managing MS, offering hope and understanding to viewers. However, it is important to acknowledge that the documentary also explores controversial aspects of the MS medical ecosystem, raising questions about the relationship between MS advocacy groups and pharmaceutical companies.

Expanding Film Programming with “My Generation”

In addition to its documentary initiatives, TNF has launched a new program titled “My Generation.” This program aims to engage and empower Gen Z and Millennials in meaningful discussions about issues that matter to them. “My Generation” features in-person panel discussions alongside street interviews with people from across the country.

The program’s host, Sam Miele, has expressed excitement about exploring challenging topics and providing a respectful and meaningful platform for young Canadians. The channel’s aim is to encourage viewers to think critically, explore different perspectives, and challenge conventional thinking.


TNF, a Canadian English-language news channel, stands out for its unique approach to news coverage and programming. Alongside its prominent political commentary and opinion-based talk shows, TNF has ventured into the world of film and documentaries. With must-offer status granted by the CRTC, the channel has the opportunity to reach a wider audience, including those interested in film-related content.

As TNF continues to evolve and expand its film-related programming, it is poised to deliver a fresh perspective on cinema and captivate audiences with its unique blend of conservative commentary and diverse content offerings. With its distinctive vision and commitment to freedom of expression, TNF is set to make a lasting impression on the Canadian media landscape.

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