3 Big New Things Coming to Kids’ TV in Canada

There’s a lot going on in the world of kids’ TV right now, and some of it looks like fun for grownups too.

Amy’s Mythic Mornings is a brand new cartoon airing on APTN, created by Deloris Smith and Darryl Whetung and distributed by Vancouver based distribution network Virch (a subsidiary of GFZ Studios). You can watch episodes on YouTube and  see what happens when six-year-old Amy and her friends imagine themselves living the stories told by her Granny Louie. With oral storytelling a dying art, this series brings it to life for today’s kids.

YTV’s The Zone will hit the highway on a mission to see the BIGGEST and WEIRDEST roadside attractions that Canada has to offer, according to a media release via CNW. How are they going to figure out what and where the biggest and weirdest are? That’s where the viewers come in. Right now (this started yesterday) viewers can help plan the tour by submitting suggestions for their favourite Canadian roadside attractions at ytv.com or by posting pictures of their favourite attractions on instagram and tagging @YTVofficial or using the hashtag #YTVroadtrip.

DHX Media of Halifax has licensed exclusive U.S. broadcast and on-demand rights for the new Teletubbies series to Nickelodeon, also according to a CNW release. Nickelodeon has also taken all 365 classic Teletubbies episodes from the original series  — it seems interest in them is still strong.


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