Ukraine Needs TV Shows, NS Has New Rules

The new Nova Scotia Film and Television Production Incentive Fund: There are conflicting opinions on whether it gives the province’s industry enough support. The CBC’s Elizabeth McMillan  has the details on exactly what it will and won’t do.

Ukraine needs so many things that new TV content might seem low on the list, but Iurii Artemenko of the Ukrainian government says his people, especially the seniors, could use the uplift they’d get from new comedies and dramas. The country recently stopped accepting Russian TV signals, saying the airwaves were being used for propaganda. The CP’s Murray Brewster has more at The National Post.

In Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, they celebrated Canadian Multiculturalism Day Saturday with a mini film fest, screening animated shorts about children from all over the world and the feature The Iron Road, about a Chinese girl who disguises herself as a boy to find her father, at work on the railroad in Canada. The Prince Albert Herald’s Kristin McEwen reports.

We missed this one last Friday, but there was a crew call for AZ / DZ Licensed Truck Drivers in Sudbury — MFM has the details, if you’re interested.

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