Three Festivals, Three New Partners, and a Filmlike Album

The Gimli Film Festival needs volunteers. If you’re wondering what would be in it for you, here are four reasons to help out. For specifics, including perks for volunteers at Gimli, read Sarah Klein’s article on ChrisD.ca.

The Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival, which we first mentioned awhile back, starts on Friday.  The Georgia Straight‘s Charlie Smith tells you what to expect there, including films on environmental issues, family, Taiwanese society — and a teen’s plot to steal a statue of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen (it’s a comedy).

The Calgary International Film Festival has a new sponsor, Eric Volmers reports in The Calgary Herald. ATB Financial has signed on for three years as “exclusive presenting partner”.  No word on how much money this means, but the Festival hopes to use it to draw more of an audience.

Eli Bennett’s latest album, Breakthrough, was “kind of inspired by my film background because films are all about one story” — and Breakthrough also leads the listener through a story, Bennett tells The Vancouver Province’s Tom Harrison.

CTV News, Facebook, and the Federal Election — this unique trifecta came together yesterday and will continue till the votes are counted in October, bringing you the latest word on what Facebook members think about national politics. Bell Media has the details.

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