The Crowd Has Spoken (and Still Can)

More from the 2014/2015 Canadian Television Report Card: The Top 10 most-watched English-language Canadian specialty channels of the year for ages 25-54 are, in order:

  1. TSN
  2. Sportsnet National
  3. Discovery
  4. History
  5. Space
  6. W Network
  7. HGTV
  8. YTV
  9. Showcase
  10. Food Network

Bell Media proudly points out, in a media release via CNW, that its TSN has come out “once again as the most-watched specialty channel in the country. Bell Media’s Discovery and Space also rank among the most-watched entertainment channels.”

The work of women directors from all over the world will be presented at the 13th annual Female Eye Film Festival (FeFF) in Toronto, June 16th to 21st. There are 86 films of all genres lined up, plus Q&A with directors. Broadcaster has the details.

Gratwick Films needs you to help them decide who gets their big break — which three actors will make the cast of their next film, Just Drive. “Now thanks to power of YouTube and the large-scale availability of high-speed internet service, live stream auditions and video submissions will allow the crowd to collaborate in the casting process of our next film,” says the company’s Kris Hulbert in a media release via PRWeb. Sign up to be part of the crowd here.  Actors who’d like to audition can find the requirements here.

The NSI Online Short Film Festival has three new films up this week: The King and Queen of Halloween, The Last Halloween, and, just for a break from all the scary stuff, Agro-Dolce (Bittersweet). You can watch them all here, and up till July 13th you can submit your own film.

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