Telefilm FTW, and Transitioning

(via CBC) Independent Filmmaker in Vancouver explains why she chose the film industry. Director and Screenwriter Mina Shum explains in a video interview that the decision she made for making the transition into the movie business wasn’t the easiest decision ever. Shum’s work includes Ninth Floor, a documentary about how students accused a professor of racism and Double Happiness, a full length feature about an actress looking for her purpose in life.

(via CNW) Telefilm Canada hosts Annual Assembly in Ottawa. Representatives of the government and Canada’s audiovisual industry met up for a conference in Ottawa to discuss CMPA primetime. Telefilm’s annual report was named “Talent without Borders” and the many topics discussed included partnering up with the National Film Board of Canada, an “audience comes first” campaign, and other subjects regarding more promotion for Canadian talent.

Speaking of Telefilm, Julianna Cummins of Playbackonline.ca writes that Telefilm-backed projects¬† have boosted their success over the last couple of years. While back in 2014, Telefilm celebrated its finest year as it increased its success by 4%. Performance is measured in Telefilm by an index known as The Success Indicator, which was started in 2012 and measures overall success of films. This year’s report is shown that 87 features and 301 projects got funding as well as over a hundred industry events and film festivals.


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