Scholarship at AMI, Tunniit at Concordia, Canadian Slasher at SXSW

(via ami.ca) AMI’s scholarship program gets new name in honour of long-time employee Robert Pearson. Going into its fifth year of the program, the scholarship is now known as the AMI Robert Pearson Memorial Scholarship in honour of Pearson’s hard work of providing media accessibility for Canadians and the world. The newly renamed scholarship begins on February 22nd and more info is available on the Accessible Media site..

David Murphy of NunatsiaqOnline writes that a Nunavut film got a large audience in Montreal. On February 8, Concordia University’s auditorium was jam-packed with students who were interested in watching Tunniit: Retracing the lines of Inuit Tattoos, a documentary exploring the history of Inuit facial tattooing. Director Alethea  Arnaquq-Baril was a little unsure at first of screening her film to anyone other than Inuit but was very surprised when the whole theatre overflowed.

Chicart Public Relations has stated that SXSW down in Austin, TX is screening a number of Canadian movies this year, and among one of them is Shant Hamassian’s Night of the Slasher. Hamassian will be joining with producer Adam Lesar at SXSW this year for a Q&A regarding their short film as well as to pitch a potential feature version of the short film. Our own review of the short film here.

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