Prize for Pretend [We’re Kissing], No Vote for Sutherland, New Creators for Much,Events at TIFF

Pretend We’re Kissing won best first-time director/feature film at the San Francisco Frozen Film Festival last month, InsideToronto reports via The York Guardian’s Dominik Kurek. The unconventional rom-com by Matt Sadowski is part of the Canadian Indie Film series.

Down in the original Hollywood, Donald Sutherland wants to vote in his native land’s elections, but can’t because of “the five-year rule” — and he’s mad, The National Post’s Tristin Hopper writes.

(Via CNW) Much Digital Studios welcome “nine established and emerging Canadian creators” to their YouTube network: beauty, fashion, travel, and lifestyle experts Bianca Harris, Camille Co., Michael Rizzi, Naomi Elle, Patrick Tomasso, and Tasha Leelyn; gaming experts Devon Crawford, and Rerez; and pop culture aficionado Ajay Fry.

As always, there’s more going on at TIFF than screenings and awards. The 2015 TIFF Industry Conference will feature presentations by Gigi Pritzker, Nicolas Chartier, Jia Zhang-ke, Bill Hader, and Asif Kaspadia. The recipient of the Len Blum Residency program will also be announced during the festival. This fortunate writer/director (chosen from those nominated by established producers, directors and screenwriters within the film industry) will  get to “live, work and be inspired at TIFF Bell Lightbox” for up to three months. The fun starts on September 10th.

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