Post-Election Day Film Industry News

A French-speaking drummer (male, late teens) and sundry other musicians (same demographic, no French needed), plus a biker type (” think tattoos, facial hair, big dudes”) are needed by St. NickelMFM has the details.   

Just what we need on the morning after the election — a comedy to “give some hope back to the voters’ mind.” That’s what Quebec’s Patrick Huard, star of My Internship in Canada, says his own hope is for the film. He tells this and more to the Canadian Press’ Cassandra Szklarski, here in the Winnipeg Free Press. My Internship in Canada is the satirical story of an independent MP — with a Haitian intern, an ambitious wife, and a pacifist daughter — whose vote is going to decide whether Canada goes to war.

Meanwhile, Canadian media companies keep growing:

(Via CNW) Lionsgate announces it’s renewed and expanded its output deal with Leone Films Group S.p.A. in Italy . . . (Via MarketWired) Vancouver’s Quizam has acquired a 10 % interest in the holding company for the new Beverly Hills film distribution company Aviron Pictures . . . and Toronto-based Syndicado is expanding into  theatrical distribution, Variety’s Jennie Punter reports, starting with Mark Phinney’s  feature Fat, which debuted at TIFF 2013.

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