Outsiders, Oddball, and Elevator Pitches

(Via PRNewswire) The Art Gallery of Ontario‘s upcoming exhibition is heavy on photos, but also includes experimental films by Kenneth Anger, Marie Menken, Shirley Clarke, Robert Frank and Alfred Leslie. Outsiders: American Photography and Film, 1950s–1980s, opening on March 12, takes the viewer back to those times of great change. As Sophie Hackett, AGO Associate Curator of Photography, says, ” It’s no accident that they turned to photography and film—media outside the art world—to express these new and complex realities.” Read more here.

The 2016 TIFF Kids Festival is set for April 8 to 24, and with 139 films (111 are shorts) made especially for ages three through 13, there’s something for every family with pre-teens. Films range from classics like The Princess Bride (free screening!) to opening night’s Oddball, about a farmer, his granddaughter, and their dog, who are out to save the fairy penguins (yes, they’re a thing). More here.

(Via Wireservice.ca) Pitches aren’t just for creative types. For the second year in a row, the BrightLane 60 Second Elevator Pitches narrowed the field for the BrightLane Entrepreneur Awards from over 100 applications to 10 winners. They’ll get a six-month membership in the BrightLane community of entrepreneurs and a chance to compete for more awards. A highlight video shows what it takes for a successful pitch — and anyone who has to pitch anything can learn from it.

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