Much Out There

If you’re over 30 and can act as if you’re writing the citizenship exam (some of us have experience in that), St. Nickel might be able to use you as an extra. Details here at MFM.

Quick reminder (thanks to SMPIA) — Saskatchewan Film Week is coming up later this month (the 22nd through 27th — with “workshops, screenings, awards, and more”. It’s all about films made in the province over the last year. Read more about this event here.

(Via CNW) Since launching in May, Much Digital Studios just keeps growing. It’s added 15 new contributors to its lineup of YouTube creators and digital influencers, nextMedia announces. They include beauty, fashion, DIY, and lifestyle experts, comedians and musicians; check out the full story here.

(Via PRNewsWire) The short film Out There, made by Academy Award-winning filmmaker and director Paul Haggis for Canada Goose, was released on Tuesday. It tells the story of several “Goose people” who either sought challenge and adventure in the the wilderness — or found them without looking. “Our mission is to free people from the cold by making the best and warmest jackets, and because of that, people can truly see the world as a playground instead of an adversary,” says Canada Goose President and CEO Dani Reiss.

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