Tomlinson Takes his Talents to the Top, Missing in Mexico, Representation Report, and Second Season of a Show – News

Recently, Toronto-based actor David Tomlinson has gotten a lot of acting work coming his way. One of his most noteworthy roles as of lately has been a supporting role in The Hillside Adoption Scam. The film covers an interesting story about a couple dealing with the struggle of having children until a pregnant stranger shows up and that’s when things get really strange. Aside from his supporting role in that, Tomlinson can also be seen in other productions such as Sex/Life and Painkiller both on Netflix as series, a guest starring role in Fellow Travelers, another supporting role in Psycho Killer, and an incredibly big role in The Legend Of Jack and Diane. Who knows what could come next for him?

Coming soon on CBC Gem, it’s Malcolm is Missing, which tells the story of a 68-year-old man who disappeared while in Mexico. Malcolm Madsen and his girlfriend decided to spend an evening in a Puerto Vallarta bar and after midnight they had departed, but where did they head off to? Madsen’s daughter Brooke Mullins decides to find out. In this stunning documentary by Robert and Jari Osborne, we follow Brooke’s long journey as she talks to people who knew her father, makes new friends, and learns what it takes to figure out what happened to her father and get the police to help out somehow. It’s a tough subject to think about and even watch, but it’s worth checking out. You can see it on CBC Gem on May 5 2023.

Our awesome friends at UBCP/ACTRA have formed an incredible bond with Geena Davis Institute and have created a cool new report, “From Real to Reel: Representation and Inclusion in Film and Television Produced in British Columbia”. This report will be used to better understand who is being represented on screen while exploring current trends, and with this study they hope to find a way to create gender balance, inclusion for the underrepresented identities and eliminate the negative stereotypes we see in so much media. The report examines shows and films from 2018 to 2021 and finds improvements while also discovering who is still not represented well enough in the industry. The results so far are very impressive and with them, this industry is sure to improve.

If you’ve seen the first season of Yukon Harvest and enjoyed it, get ready for Season 2 coming out in June. If you haven’t heard of Yukon Harvest, it’s all about Indigenous guides and hunters who go deep into the wild lands all around Canada and connect with the land while healing themselves and finding ways to help the community. It’s a beautiful way to show how to heal when you connect with nature and Season 2 is going to show even more adventures with the guides and hunters of last season as they go to their own communities and connect. It airs on June 10th and the Northern Tutchone version begins on June 5. Stay tuned and get ready to take an adventure of self-discovery with these guides. You never know what you might learn.

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